IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to supply chain issues, the Lightning Bug™ is currently out of stock. We will be replacing this unit with a new updated model this spring - stay tuned for details!

MK Controls, Inc. is proud to announce that we now own FlashZebra, a well respected reseller of hundreds of photography related cables, adapters, and accessories!

The Lightning Bug™ is designed to take pictures of lightning strikes and get the shot, day or night. It has features not seen before, such as water resistant soft touch buttons. The Lightning Bug™ is sure to be a must have for any photographer.

MK Controls, Inc. is proud to offer an unparalleled LIFETIME no-fault replacement policy in addition to our standard product warranty.  See for complete details.  The Lightning Bug™ is proudly manufactured in the USA from foreign and domestic parts.

For a video showing what the Lightning Bug™ can do for you, click here.

Photo by Bill Long © taken with the Lightning Bug™


$179.00 Includes Cable

MK Controls, Inc. may, on occasion, release changes to the firmware in the Lightning Bug™. These updates are free of charge to all of our customers, regardless of where the unit was purchased. If you'd like to sign up for email notifications of any firmware changes, please click here to complete our sign up form.

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