It all began when Todd Moore (avid photographer and co-founder of the company) wanted to take pictures of lightning strikes and get the shot every time, not just get 'lucky.' He challenged his long time friend and electrical engineer Dave Koerner to come up with a solution. After several years of research and development the first prototypes were developed.

To ensure that the product they developed would meet the needs of the most demanding photographers, Todd asked Bill Lea and several other professional photographers to put the device through it's paces. Using the suggestions from the field testing they made the finishing touches and created the Lightning Bug.™

While there are other products on the market designed to allow photographers to capture lightning strikes, these field suggestions during early testing were invaluable in allowing the creation of a product that incorporates features not found in other devices.

During their product testing they confirmed that the Lightning Bug™ is also great for capturing fireworks, muzzle flashes from cannons, even the flames from backfiring race cars!

The pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues essentially made the original Lightning Bug™ product obsolete. In mid 2021, work was started on a replacement unit, the Lightning Bug Plus™. Numerous improvements and features were added.

The Lightning Bug™ and Lighting Bug Plus™ Engineered for Your Imagination.