Lightning Bug

$179.00 Includes Cable

The Lightning Bug™ is based upon the science of lightning. There are two components of lightning; the bright white flash everyone wants to capture and the unseen infrared light that always precedes it. The Lightning Bug™ uses a high-speed photodiode sensor optimized to the infrared burst that occurs just before a lightning strike. This infrared light comes from the vaporization of air and particles in the air. The Lightning Bug™ acts as a lookout for your camera, watching for a change in infrared light. When a significant change of infra-red light over a very short period of time is detected, it directs the camera shutter to trip and capture the lightning in action.

The Lightning Bug™ conveniently mounts to your camera hot shoe, although it's not required to do so.  NOTE: For SONY cameras, a hot shoe adapter (available on our order page) is required for mounting directly to your camera.

Being photographers first and an engineering company second, we give you the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the Lightning Bug™. The exclusive sensitivity adjustment circuitry allows the photographer to customize the Lightning Bug’s™ operation to any shooting situation. This gives the photographer full control over when to take the picture. If you only wanted to capture the brightest and boldest lightning bolts you would decrease the sensitivity. Or if you wanted to capture lightning over the city or mountains from a long distance, you would increase the sensitivity. Only the Lightning Bug™ gives you this level of control.

While others in the field point to the simplicity of their unit's ability to automatically 'adjust' for all conditions, we are of the mindset that the user knows better than our device ever could. At MK Controls we believe that you, the photographer, should be able to make the decision about an image. That is why we include features that put you in control for less money.

We also include premium features not found in simpler lightning detectors on the market. The Lightning Bug™ allows the user to limit the number of possible exposures per second to between 1 and 10. This feature allows you to capture repeated lightning strikes successfully.

When trying to capture weather events, your photography gear can get wet, we’ve designed the Lightning Bug™ to withstand exposure to rain. The design incorporates weather resistant soft touch buttons.

The Lightning Bug™ – Engineered for your imagination.