The Lightning Bug Plus™ was designed to allow users to field update to the latest firmware (as of the moment, Version 1.6 is the current firmware update). All that's required is a PC running Windows 10 or 11, and a USB-C interface cable (which was included with your unit).

Currently, we do not support updates via Apple products, however we hope to do this in the future.

NOTE: The original Lightning Bug™ unit does not work with this utility. You can optionally upgrade your existing Lighting Bug™. Pease follow this link:

The firmware update utility can be downloaded using the link below. The software is digitally signed by MK Controls Inc. Even with digital signatures, you may be warned that downloading or executing carries a risk.

Please download and read the manual before attempting to upgrade your Lightning Bug Plus™.

Click here for Lighting Bug Plus™ Firmware Utility manual.

The utility does not require installation. All that is necessary is to download, then run the utilty from the download location. The utility, once run, is self-explanatory, and will take you through the process in a step-by-step basis. To be successful, you must complete each of the steps in the order presented.

Upon completion of the update, advanced options are available to allow users to tweak certain specific functions within the Lightning Bug Plus™.

You'll need your Lightning Bug Plus™ unit, the USB-C cable, a 9-Volt battery, and a free USB port on your PC. The first time you run the utility, Windows may require a driver download - you'll need to complete this step to run the update utility.

The USB-C connects to the Lighting Bug Plus™ via a female socket found in the rear of the 9-Volt battery compartment - remove the battery cover and battery to expose the connector.

Lighting Bug Plus™ Firmware Utility:

Click here to download the current Lighting Bug Plus™ Firmware Utility.