Power-On Self-Test
Event indicator light
Sensitivity set-point indicator (LED Bargraph)
MOSFET isolation between camera and the Lightning Bug Plus™ circuitry
Battery can be replaced without removing unit from camera
26 levels of sensitivity for complete control in all lighting situations
Allows testing of your shutter release via the Lightning Bug Plus™ circuitry
Firmware is field-updateable
Easily adjust frames per second (from 1 to 10)
Water Resistant Soft-touch panel buttons
Simple three-button control of all features
Requires (1) standard or rechargable 9V battery
Dimensional Data:
Front Overhang (from center of camera shoe): 3.51"
Rear Overhang (from center of camera shoe): 0.74"
Overall Height (not including shoe mount): 1.13"
Overall Height (including shoe mount): 2.10"
Overall Length: 4.25"
Overall Width: 2.60"
Weight (not including Battery): 2.96 oz
Weight (including Battery): 4.48 oz
Battery: Standard 9V Cell
Attaches to your camera hot-shoe
Includes cable matched to your specific camera
Country of origin:
The Lightning Bug Plus™ is proudly manufactured here in the United States using a combination of domestic and foreign components.
FCC Part 15, Subpart B Class B
RoHS - MK Controls, Inc. has adopted the RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) initiative. All Lightning Bug Plus™ models are certified to meet RoHS requirements.